Project Description

This was an assignment completed for my Masters of Digital Media – Summer 2015. Our client was HSBC and we were assigned to research and produce a sourcing and funding internal web application.

We produced FundIT, using MEAN – full stack javascript.

Projects III

Project courses are group independent studies, where teams of three to six students work on a focused project(s) during that semester. The number of projects per semester varies. The primary objective of the courses is to provide a hands-on working experience with teammates who are from different backgrounds and disciplines. Other objectives are to experience project management and have the possibility of working with an external client (some projects have external collaborators).

The requirements for a project are as follows:

  • The team must comprise students from both technological and non-technological backgrounds. During the course of the project, students having an engineering or other technical background will be expected to make a significant aesthetic contribution to the project and students having an artistic grounding would be expected to make a valuable technical contribution to the project.
  • The team must both prototype and produce a tangible result (not a paper).
  • The work must be overseen by a faculty member approved by the MDM program for this project.

The project course has an explicit role in teaching business aspects of team based projects – project management and creation of a business plan by going through a ‘green light’ approval process.

Instructor: Chuck Hamilton