AI Powered Analytics

An objective, intelligent view of your portfolio’s financial performance

A scientific view of both current and future performance across your portfolio, enabling a nuanced comparison of portfolio company performance. Leveraging predictive analytics rooted in historical data, our platform empowers you to not only match but outperform competitors and the broader macroeconomic environment. With Planr, predictive analytics span across your fund, scrutinizing portfolio companies to identify potential issues and predict outcomes. This proactive approach facilitates robust engagement with management teams, ensuring you’re always a step ahead.

Transform Your Data Into
Predictive Power

The use of legacy applications and an over-reliance on manual processes leads to missed opportunities. With Planr you spend more time turning insights into growth opportunities – all in one cloud-based platform.

Predict Outcomes

Unlock the future of financial stability with AI Cash Projections by leveraging advanced AI algorithms to predict cash flow outcomes with remarkable accuracy. By analyzing patterns and trends, Planr provides a forward-looking view of the cash position of each portco, helping you to plan more effectively and avoid financial surprises.

An Objective View On Future Revenue

Navigate the complexities of revenue forecasting with our AI Revenue Projections. Planr’s machine learning capabilities offer a precise and objective view of future revenue performance. This enables you to anticipate sudden macro and micro changes so you can adapt strategies accordingly, and ensure a proactive approach to revenue management and growth.

Drive Better Results

A predictive outlook on future bookings, combining AI-driven insights with your current data. This powerful dashboard helps in forecasting sales and understanding deal management, allowing for better resource allocation and strategic planning. With these insights, you can optimize your sales processes and drive more effective booking strategies.

Deployed Within Minutes

Planr integrates seamlessly with your existing finance and reporting systems. We support Excel uploads and offer data entry options for those still transitioning to digital solutions. Our platform is designed to accommodate every member of your team, ensuring no one is left behind in the digital shift.

Out of the box

AI-Driven Analytics & Insights

An objective, intelligent view of your portfolio’s financial performance

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