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At Planr, we understand the key role accessing data and insights play in building the right strategy for value creation. Planr’s unique ability to quickly integrate disparate data silos across finance, commercial and operational parts of the business means that investors, companies and their consulting partners can quickly deploy Planr’s AI capabilities and zero in on the issue or opportunities that present themselves.

Planr’s unique offering bypasses the need for long technical projects building out bespoke data lakes and leaving longer to focus on the opportunity and delivering real value to customers.

Experience the Future of Consulting with Planr's Technology

The use of legacy applications and an over-reliance on long technical projects leads to missed opportunities for customers, investors and consulting partners. With Planr, you spend more time turning insights into growth opportunities for your clients – all in one AI based cloud platform.

3 Steps to using AI and Data for Value Creation

Reduce the time spent on data and get to the core of value creation quicker. Planr is purpose-built to fast-track your data integration and analysis across finance, commercial and operations. Using our technology, you can accelerate building integrations, normalising data across systems, data cleansing and deploying infrastructure.

We all know AI is here and how impactful it can be for businesses. Planr utilises 14 different AI frameworks and uses current and historical data to tune these frameworks towards those that are most insightful. Using Planr accelerates the adoption of AI into your client base and quickly delivers high impact value to customers.

Planr leaves you more time to focus on what truly matters – delivering insightful, strategic advice which will create value for your clients.

Experience the Future of Consulting with Planr's Technology

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At Planr, we collaborate with leading consultancy firms across the Europe & the US. By becoming a Planr partner, you join a network of top-tier consultants who are revolutionizing the way tech enabled consultancy services are delivered to clients. Contact us today to learn more about our partnership opportunities and how we can help you get to better conversations, faster.