Sustainable. Adaptable. Insightful.

Dynamic ESG Reporting

Instant ESG Reporting

Harness the power of Planr’s data agnosticism in ESG reporting to remain agile in a rapidly evolving landscape. Our platform understands the complexities and variations of ESG data, ensuring that your firm can pivot as regulations and standards evolve without skipping a beat.

Customize Your Framework

Despite the diverse nature of ESG data, Planr puts you in control. Tailor your reporting frameworks to align with specific ESG criteria relevant to your stakeholders. Customize templates to capture the unique sustainability narratives of your firm, all while maintaining the robustness of automated data processing.

Reporting Your Way

With Planr, the high level of automation enhances rather than replaces your oversight. The platform’s adaptability lets you maintain full control over every aspect of your ESG reporting. You decide how your data is structured, analyzed, and presented.

Additionally, you have the flexibility to choose exactly when to release information, allowing you to manage the timing of your communications strategically. This feature puts you in complete command of how and when your data is shared with stakeholders, enhancing your ability to make timely and informed decisions.