Value Creation

Start To See Future Performance Of Portcos

After establishing a foundation for accessing current trading insights, incorporate your portfolio company’s CRM data to obtain a progressive view of future performance. Explore the nuances of sales bookings and revenue forecasts, blending them with current financial data to get an objective view of forward-looking analyses. In an era where managing a multitude of data sources is becoming increasingly intricate, Planr is specifically designed to guide and support you through every phase of this complex, ever-evolving landscape.

Make No Surprises The New Normal

Planr dashboards offer a 360-degree view of crucial deal information, ensuring you’re always informed about your business’s current performance compared to forecasts, along with a detailed history of changes over time.

Navigate With Precision

Planr seamlessly integrates with your portfolio company’s CRM data, offering a sophisticated tool for navigating the financial future with precision. This feature is pivotal in comparing your forecasted financial plans against actual outcomes, intertwining sales bookings and revenue forecasts with real-time financial data. It provides an objective lens through which you can assess financial performance, highlighting variances that are crucial for strategic decision-making. 

Deep Dive into Pipeline Dynamics and Pushed Deals

Effortlessly monitor pipeline coverage and development, along with any significant changes, to obtain a thorough understanding of your portfolio’s sales activities. Planr enables you to track key sales KPIs, providing a deeper understanding of the intricacies within the sales process. Additionally, Planr highlights pushed deals, allowing you to expose and strategize around key challenges before they become revenue problems.

Optimize Conversions With In-Depth Funnel Analytics

Uncover the true performance of your sales funnel with detailed conversion rate analysis. From initial contact to closed deal, Revoper tracks and compares conversion rates across different revenue types, such as services versus software sales, empowering you to optimize your sales process for maximum efficiency.

Optimize Your Revenue Engine

Explore the potential of each deal. Utilizing machine learning, Planr evaluates and scores deals based on their likelihood to close. This insight empowers your sales teams to prioritize their efforts, focus on high-value opportunities, and increase the efficiency and effectiveness of the sales process. It’s a strategic advantage in optimizing your sales pipeline and boosting conversion rates across your portcos.

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Value Creation

Start To See Future Performance For Portcos

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