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Planr gives your client’s instant, automated access to an unbiased, intelligent view of their pipeline & salesperson performance. Using machine learning, the platform predicts revenue for the current financial year and beyond, with proven 96%+ accuracy.

impact Your Client's revenue tomorrow

Planr connects data from multiple sources in minutes to deliver strategic recommendations for investors and leadership teams within 24 hours.


Deploy in 2 hours

Planr’s proprietary smart filters cleanse datasets from various systems such as HR, Finance, Sales & Project Management

Expose Hidden Blockers

The recommendations engine notifies you of sudden changes so you can course-correct, turning blockers into opportunities

Assess Your Revenue 24/7

Planr is always on, assesing your revenue in real-time, providing snapshots that expose problems you didn’t know existed

Become A Partner


How Planr transformed Calligo's revenue performance

Planr is enabling Calligo to grow predictably, to optimise sales and marketing capacity and to deliver revenue and sales assurance, profitability and cash flow.


How proof of future revenue performance secured TDS' buy-out

Planr gave the CEO & leadership team what they needed in order to convince the buyers that TDS could deliver the projected future revenue, ultimately securing a 33% higher valuation.

Uncover new insights with AI-powered predictive analytics

Learn how you can get an unbiased, scientific view of what’s happening in your business