Expose The Silent Quarter Killers
In Your Pipeline

Planr is the platform for CEOs, CFOs and Revenue Operations Teams who are struggling with disjointed CRM insights that fall short in providing a complete picture on sales performance.

Private Equity Portfolio Management Platform

Clarity Across Your Pipeline. Instantly.

Planr transforms your sales data into a panoramic dashboard of real-time actionable insights, giving you a complete overview of your sales pipeline’s health and performance. Identify what’s happening, pinpoint what’s at risk, and expose the underlying challenges affecting your revenue targets.

Get a crystal-clear perspective on the dynamics and health of your sales deals. This tool enables you to seamlessly assess how your ongoing deals align with your predetermined targets – are they stuck, have they slipped another quarter?

It’s a deep dive beyond mere numerical data; it’s about comprehensively understanding the progression and quality of your deals segmented by location, team, and individual, equipping you with a holistic view of your sales trajectory so you have the necessary insights to ensure you meet your targets.

Unlike basic ‘win rates’ your CRM may tell you, Planr uncovers the true performance of your sales funnel with detailed conversion rate analysis using our unique architecture and historical data collection. 

From initial contact to closed deal, Planr tracks and compares conversion rates across different revenue types, such as services versus software sales, empowering you to optimize your sales process for maximum efficiency.

Leverage the power of AI to predict your booking forecasts with unparalleled accuracy. Planr analyzes historical data and current trends to provide you with a realistic projection of your quarterly and annual sales, helping you to set achievable targets and strategize accordingly.

By offering a detailed exploration of these key metrics, you can understand the factors that are influencing your growth. It’s not just about tracking numbers; it’s about gaining a profound understanding of the dynamics shaping your sales outcomes.

How It Works

Discover What Your CRM Missed

Plug In and Power Up

Connect Planr to your CRM and watch as it transform data into actionable insights within two hours. No lengthy setups, no downtime.

Insightful, Intuitive, Immediate​

Planr isn’t just another tool – it’s your new team member, offering the equivalent insights of a 4-person rev ops department, instantly.

Data-Driven Decisions​

From conversion rates to sales forecasts, Planr answers the tough questions, giving you the confidence to steer your revenue strategy toward success.

Empowering Global Revenue Leaders

Empowering Global Revenue Leaders