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Find The Truth In Your Pipeline

Bookings are the foundation of revenue, pipeline is the foundation of bookings. Use Planr to get a rounded picture of the health of the pipeline and whether the pipeline is aligned to achieving your bookings targets.

With real-time actionable insights, you can predict revenue, understand the pipeline and coach your salespeople to close more deals.


Move from open to closed-won faster than ever before

Instantly evaluate the health of your pipeline and make faster, more informed decisions to build an effective sales plan that drives more revenue.

Pipeline Build

Pipeline Coverage

Conversion Rates
Per Category Of Deal

Deals Won / Lost
By Source

Pushed Deals

Pushed Deals

Expose Silent Problems

Pushed deals are a silent problem and will instantly effect your revenue prediction. Spot the trends of how likely you are to win every deal, quickly expose at-risk deals and re-allocate your strongest sales reps to close opportunities.

On average, if a deal pushes 3 times, your likelihood of closing a deal will drop from 40% to .02%.

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Connecting company data across CRM, Finance, ERP, and HR systems, Planr will assess and predict the future success of a company’s financial performance – revenue prediction, AI-driven insights and real-time trading at your fingertips.

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