AI Fuelled Revenue Growth For Investors & Leadership Teams

Planr identifies hidden risks to revenue growth, produces data-driven recommendations, and tracks results in real-time

Real-time Revenue Intelligence

Get an unbiased, scientific view of what’s happening in your business

PE/VC Analyst, Associate and M&A Advisor

Our tool optimises due diligence processes, produces accurate results and exposes future growth blockers to empower you to make better decisions

Investor &
Board Member

Planr gives investors and board members instant access to an unbiased, intelligent view of predicted revenue against future targets, with 96% accuracy

CEOs &
Leadership Teams

Using our AI and forecasting technology Planr helps you to tighten your financial grip by making recommendations that unlock growth potential

How does it work?

Rapid rollout, go-live in less than 2 hours

Machine Learning

Planr uses state of the art machine learning prediction algorithms

Data Cleanse

Planr’s smart filter analyses and cleanses data on the way into Planr

System Integration

Unlimited integrations for sales, finance, HR + project systems

Instant Future Insights

Attainment rate, pushed deal turbulence, forecast accuracy + 100s more insights

Data Driven Decisions

Connecting data from multiple sources in minutes to deliver strategic recommendations for investors and leadership teams

Reduce Time Wrangling Data

Use our smart filter to cleanse datasets from HR, Finance, Sales & various other systems

Identify Hidden Growth Blockers

Utilise our dashboards and snapshots to identify problems you didn't know existed

Make High Impact Decisions

Use Planr recommendations to course-correct before turning blockers into opportunities

Reduce Risk In Your Company

Snapshots allow you to keep a pulse on business decisions without hours of analysis