Sales team attainment

See What's Really Helping Grow Your Revenue

Planr dashboards provide you with 360 degree visibility of  key deal information in real-time ensuring you get the most up-to-date picture of how the business is performing versus the forecast along with a complete history of changes over time.

Automatically analyse whether the sales team is over or under resourced while also accessing other key metrics including the likelihood of target attainment:


Ask your team The Right Questions

Gain instant visibility across your team and sales rep performance across each quarter on a deal by deal basis.

Deal Probability

Sales Rep Performance

Deal Healthcheck

Time To Close Analysis

Discuss Key Deals, Verticals & Customers

Early-warning Triggers

Rapid Deployment

Focus On The Right Deals

Smartr deals does the work for you by telling you what deals have the highest chance of winning and what sales rep is the right person for the job.

Using a combination of forecast accuracy, conversion rates, and sales team attainment rates, put yourself in the position to positively impact your deal time to close.

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Connecting company data across CRM, Finance, ERP, and HR systems, Planr will assess and predict the future success of a company’s financial performance – revenue prediction, AI-driven insights and real-time trading at your fingertips.

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