Scenario planning & modelling

Build, manage and act on plans and forecasts in real-time

Scenario Modelling puts you in full control to map out mulitple scenarios for growth and visualise their impact on the company over any horizon.

Use the Planr what if analyser to see in real time how your plans are impacted by changes occurring both inside and outside of your business. Do you want to see how an increase in global GDP impacts your sales forecast? Planr can tell you the answer in seconds and it can be quickly shared with relevant stakeholders.

Navigate Uncertainty With Confidence

Analyze, predict, and scenario plan the impact various decisions and activities will have on your company's performance.

Forecast Accuracy
(Bookings, Revenue & Cash)

Sales & Marketing Planning

Operations Planning

Collaborative planning

think better, act faster and grow together.

Use Planr to create unlimited plans and versions to drive full transparency and accountability across your company.

Powered by a single source of truth, Planr gives you and your team the opportunity to collaborate on plans with communication, stakeholder commentary, and model sharing functionality throughout.

Take control of your planning to ensure the best financial outcome for your company.


Supercharge Your Revenue Growth With AI

Connecting company data across CRM, Finance, ERP, and HR systems, Planr will assess and predict the future success of a company’s financial performance – revenue prediction, AI-driven insights and real-time trading at your fingertips.

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