Robust. Reliable. Secure.

Secure Data Management

Enterprise Grade Technology

Planr is built using a robust, enterprise-grade tech framework, combining cutting-edge data protection with innovative tools. Our technology seamlessly integrates with advanced AI and natural language processing capabilities, allowing us to automate and secure data management processes. 

Security By Design

Security is embedded at every stage of our software development process. Our Secure Development Policy mandates that each release undergo thorough testing to identify and eliminate potential vulnerabilities.

We actively monitor industry trends and threats to update our protocols continuously, providing a proactive defense. This comprehensive strategy ensures that our platform remains secure while offering a seamless user experience. With security by design, Planr ensures that data integrity is never compromised.

Encrypted Data Transmission

We utilize secure key management to encrypt customer data both in transit and at rest, ensuring that sensitive information remains safe from unauthorized access. Our encryption standards are regularly reviewed and updated to reflect the latest advancements, giving you peace of mind that your data is shielded by best-in-class protection.

Whether data is being transmitted or stored, it’s protected by multi-layered encryption mechanisms that safeguard against potential breaches or eavesdropping attempts.

Continous Monitoring

Planr’s platform is monitored 24/7, allowing real-time detection and resolution of potential security issues. Our security operations center (SOC) provides constant oversight and quickly responds to threats, leveraging advanced tools to assess the risk and mitigate it before it impacts the platform.

With continuous monitoring, we ensure that your data remains safe around the clock, reinforcing Planr’s commitment to robust data security.

Rigorous Testing

Our internal and external security vulnerability and penetration tests identify and resolve potential issues before they affect our platform. Internal teams focus on in-depth assessments that target specific areas, while third-party specialists conduct independent reviews to provide objective insights.

By maintaining this rigorous testing regimen, we continuously strengthen our defenses and uphold Planr’s commitment to providing a secure data management platform.