We work with many PE’s and their Portfolio Companies in delivering a wide range of value ad services in the areas of Managed Data Service, Value Creation, Commercial Due Diligence, Investment Preparation and ESG Reporting.

Managed Data Service (MDS)

At Planr, we understand the challenges PE firms face in managing extensive data from portfolio companies. Our Managed Data Service (MDS) is designed to alleviate these burdens, offering a comprehensive solution that ensures your data is not just collected, but meticulously curated and ready for analysis.

Results: You get the data you need when you need it.

Say goodbye to the endless back-and-forth with portfolio companies. Our dedicated team handles all aspects of data collection, from initial requests to final uploads.

Using the Planr platform, we guarantee the accuracy and reliability of your data, ensuring it meets your analytical needs.

Our process is designed to eliminate redundancies and simplify data review and approval, saving you time and resources.

We understand that each GP has unique needs. Our service includes custom reporting cycles, tailored to your requirements, whether monthly, quarterly, or as needed

Value Creation

Improve your company’s sales performance with our Value Creation Service. Our service is designed to streamline your sales operations, optimize processes, and maximize revenue

Results: Your company will win more deals.

Commercial Due Diligence Lite

Our Commercial Diligence Lite Service provides immediate insights into the quality of sales operations, sales pipeline etc. for an acquisition target. With a guaranteed 24-hour turnaround time, this service provides a quick checkpoint on the current and future performance of the company. Giving you a comprehensive understanding of the sales efficiency prior to investing further in the diligence process.

Results: Within 24 hours you will have a go/no go in relation to committing to a full Commercial Due Diligence process.

Investment Preparation

Our comprehensive Investment Preparation service will assist you to ready your company for investment. It is designed to ensure you identify any potential issues in advance of meeting your future investors.

Results: You avoid a price chip during the investment negotiation phase.

ESG Reporting

With our Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) reporting service we will help you navigate the regulatory maze and get clarity on what your company is required to disclose. We prepare your company not only for current reporting requirements but also the future requirements of ESG reporting.

Results: You stay ahead of the curve on ESG.