Blind Spots In Excel?

The tools we use for portfolio management are directly linked to our success. Traditional tools like Excel, designed for specific tasks, often fall short in today’s dynamic and collaborative work environments. The limitations of Excel, including the risk of conflicting file versions and the lack of real-time collaboration, leads to inefficiencies and missed opportunities.

Moving beyond spreadsheets

Planr Vs Excel

There is a pivotal shift in 2024, where PE funds are moving from traditional, manual processes to a more dynamic, integrated approach in fund and portfolio management.


Planr Per Month
  • Real-time syncing of portco data
  • Scientific, unbiased insights
  • Daily Portfolio Insights
  • Dynamic AI prediction & forecasting
  • Purpose Built for Portfolio Monitoring


Excel Per Month
  • Slow, Manual Data Collection Processes
  • Prone To Human Error & Bias
  • Historical Reporting
  • Manual Data Interpretation & Forecasting
  • General Purpose Tool

Portfolio Monitoring With Planr

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The Future of Portfolio Monitoring

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