Expose The Silent Quarter Killers
In Your Pipeline

Planr is the platform for CEOs, CFOs and Revenue Operations Teams who are struggling with disjointed CRM insights that fall short in providing a complete picture on sales performance.

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deep insights

real-time company vitals

Spend more time turning insights into growth opportunities by simplifying and optimizing your analysis – all in one cloud-based platform.

ai-driven forecasting

Predict Revenue, Deliver Growth

Get instant access to an unbiased, intelligent view of predicted revenue against future targets, with proven 96% accuracy.

Planr helps tighten your financial grip by highlighting blockers to growth so you can course correct early.

sales team & deal analysis

clarity across your pipeline. instantly.

Planr highlights inhibitors to revenue and sales bookings in advance, so you can model scenarios in time to adjust.

Planr highlights sales team capacity and performance across quarters helping you optimise for growth.

Supercharge Your Company Growth With AI

Planr dashboards provide you with 360° degree visibility of your business

Early-warning Alerts To Changes Within Your Company

Real-time Insights On Trading Performance

96% Revenue
Prediction Accuracy
(Bookings, Revenue & Cash)

Navigate market uncertainty with confidence

Ask Your Team The Right Questions

No More Surprises At Board Meetings

+100s More AI Powered Insights For Private Equity Investors & Portfolio Companies

How It Works

Discover What Your CRM Missed

Plug In and Power Up

Connect Planr to your CRM and watch as it transform data into actionable insights within two hours. No lengthy setups, no downtime.

Insightful, Intuitive, Immediate​

Planr isn’t just another tool – it’s your new team member, offering the equivalent insights of a 4-person rev ops department, instantly.

Data-Driven Decisions​

From conversion rates to sales forecasts, Planr answers the tough questions, giving you the confidence to steer your revenue strategy toward success.


No More Blind Spots

Effortlessly import data within minutes from all your business systems across accounting, CRM, ERP, HR and BI. 

With zero interuption to current business flown, continue to report exactly as before while Planr stays connected in the background and never affects day to day business operations.

Supercharging revenue growth

Customer Succss Stories

How Planr transformed Calligo's revenue performance With AI Predictions

Planr is enabling Calligo to grow predictably, to optimise sales and marketing capacity and to deliver revenue and sales assurance, profitability and cash flow.

proof of future revenue performance secured TDS' buy-out

Planr gave the CEO & leadership team what they needed in order to convince the buyers that TDS could deliver the projected future revenue, securing a 33% higher valuation.

Empowering Scorebuddy With Precision Sales And Revenue Insights

Scorebuddy implemented Planr’s AI-driven solutions to gain a competitive edge in a dynamic market. Planr gave insights that were impossible to get from Saleforce.

How It Works

In the click of a button, Planr connects company data across CRM, Finance, ERP, and HR systems providing executives with a single source of truth for the financial health and outlook for their busioness.

Using machine learning, the platform can predict the financial performance for the current financial year and beyond, with proven 96%+ accuracy. 

Available on Desktop, iOS & Android.